Explore These Kitty Party Theme Games For Some Real Fun


Kitty party themes are simply excellent as they double the fun of an, otherwise, ordinary ladies kitty party. And the fun gets tripled when you add some great entertainment options to your itinerary which primarily includes playing some fabulous kitty party games!

So if there’s an upcoming ladies get-together at your house, here are some very exciting theme-based kitty party games that you can add to your kitty. These games are of very short duration but the level of excitement and thrill in those few minutes is just inexplicable. So here how can play these exciting games!

Theme-based Games For A Memorable Get-together

1. Fruit Themed Game

As the name clearly suggests, this game revolves around fruits. For this game you can take a black cloth and place a round fruit under it, say orange or berries. Now each lady will have to come, touch the fruit without lifting the black cloth, i.e. they will have to touch the fruit from above the cloth and just feel it without seeing and then write the name of the fruit (they guess) on a white paper. You can replace one fruit with another for every participant but you have remember which fruit is given to whom. They will have one minute to identify the fruit. The winner will be the lady first writes down the correct name of the fruit she is given.

2. Bollywood Themed Game

Bollywood is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular kitty party themes of all ages. This particular game requires nothing but pen and paper depending on the number of participants. Simply write down the names of some popular actors (at least 10) and give one minute time to all the ladies to write at least one of their famous dialogues. The ladies can write more than one dialogue for each actor but the condition is at least one for each actor. The winner will be the lady who can complete the game in the least possible time.

3. Flower Themed Games

A floral theme makes the venue look extremely beautiful and to give it a finishing touch, you can play this exciting game called “Blank Flower”. This is nothing but a fill-up-the-blank game where the words used are names of flowers. For example: _O_E, I_ _S, _R_ _I_, etc. In the example, the first is Rose, second is Iris and the third flower is Orchid. You can make a list of such questions and make copies of the paper to distribute among the ladies. This is a one-minute game and the winner will be the lady who can complete the game in minimum possible time.

4. DIY Themed Games

DIY is a great way to explore the creative genius inside you. So in this game, you, as the host, will be giving a few basic materials like lace, thermocol, pin, glu, quiling paper, scissor and paint to all the ladies and give them 5 minutes time to make whatever creative they can think of out of those materials. Quite obviously, the winner of the game will be the lady who can make the most beautiful craft within those 5 minutes.


Games add fun and excitement, something that brings life to a party. And when they are based on a particular theme, the whole atmosphere gets completed. Try including these games and let us know how you and friends enjoyed.


Source by Ashish Kumar Pandit

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