Doodlebops Party Supplies Delight Kids For Birthday or Halloween Celebrations!


Its party time and you want to give your child a time to remember, that’s if getting everything organized does not kill you before that. To plan a party without falling apart you need to have a lead period of at least four to six weeks.

If you feel that is totally impractical don’t faint, you can still fulfill the plans you have for children’s party. Think Doodlebops and you will be able to use their decorating tips, party games and fun activities to make sure that your child will have the best party ever.

Doodlebops has the complete range of supplies needed to do this stress free. Their party supplies line includes party plates, cups, napkins, decorations, pack of game ideas and much more.

Each of these items features the lovable Doodlebops characters of Rooney, Dee Dee and of course Moe. The following sequence can then take you from planning to having a lively party.

First and foremost get yourself a packet of Doodlebops birthday party invitations and make sure they get to the invitees at least four weeks before the party. If not use cardstock paper and cut music notes.

Collect some images from the Doodlebops website and paste them to the note. Using a gel pen write your message with the details of the party clearly stated. Make sure you give the invitees four weeks notice.

If you are concerned about the deco Doodlebops have just what you require in their range of party decorations. You can pick the mix of colors that your child loves, maybe Orange, pink and blue. Hang the balloon beyond the reach of young children.

The colored poster board can be used to make large music notes and fix them from the walls and the ceiling. Keep the inflatable guitars and the Doodlebops poster within the party area.

You can also buy the complete range of Doodlebops Halloween costume items for each character and have kids pretend to be the group members. You can even get the guitars and accessories like their wigs. And playing some of their songs during the party will totally complete the theme!

The Doodlebops website has a range of posters and picture that can be used. Get a good tablecloth in yellow, orange, pink or blue and cover the table neatly. Create a table runner and turn it into a keyboard of a piano using black construction and butcher paper.

Make use of the bright colored paper and cut bright dots and then scatter them around the table to make it nice and colorful. Buy a Doodlebops toy bus and tie a bouquet made of tissues to the bus and make it the centerpiece of the table. The bus could be the gift for the child celebrating the birthday.

There are Doodlebops tokens called favors, which can be used to say big thanks for the friends who came. These include bubbles, coloring books, stickers, crayons, and fruit snacks, play dough. They could be placed in a plastic container with colorful confetti sprayed on them.

Doodlebops also has treats, which are child friendly. Sandwiches, which have been cut using cookie cutters, Kebabs with, dip, Jell O favorites, marshmallow pinwheels in whatever the chosen party colors.

A stress free party is a definite possibility with Doodlebops party supplies.


Source by Helene M Malmsio

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