Different Types of Team Building Activities


Team Building activities are much resorted to by corporate and this is some of the most commonly organized events in the modern corporate domain. The exact significance of team building is hard to be expressed, but it can be formulated as the activities either indoor or out-of-door that will serve in promoting the performance of a team. These include plain games to large-scale outdoor activities and in this article; we shall be looking into many of the best-practiced team building activities in Ireland. Some of the various causes why team building is an integral part in the growth of a team are also given ample importance.

Firstly, let us look at some of the common off road driving activities widely utilized by corporates. Offroading is practically a men’s sport but these days women have also acquired a liking to this activity. The thought is simple; you will have to ride a vehicle through the roughest of the terrain you will ever come across. You will want many inputs from your friends to keep the vehicle steady on unfamiliar grounds and team building can be capably exercised with this form of out door action.

Straight Off here is a sport that can be relished regardless of your gender. It is none other than archery. Archery is an arena that will test your durability as well as your accuracy. Do not sweat if you are new to this field because there are instructors standing by to serve you get started with this sport. In addition, many team building events are termed broken in the absence of archery in Ireland. Archery is a skilled game hence make certain you have all the needed protection gear in place. Along with the guidance, the instructors will be supervising your progress and will evaluate you dynamically.

Another activity that has been usually reported to be occurring in team building events in Ireland is Clay Pigeon shooting. The meaning can be discovered from the phrase itself, you will be striking pigeons made of clay and this sport involves the extreme of the concentration coupled with a good sightedness and quick reaction time. The clay models will be released at high speeds and you will have to meet your skills with the ejector and thus will be able to get the most of the kills within a short duration. Advice of the allies along with the instructors can be sought-after to make that perfect score.

Straight Off here is a team building action that will examine the strength of the entire team blind fold driving. The driver is blindfold and will be asked to traverse through a bamboo course. The rest of the team will be needed to occupy the back seats and they are apportioned the duty to instruct the driver through the bamboo path. Mind you, this action is highly exciting and a 4×4 is usually employed as the primary manner of transport. Suited points are allocated on the successful completion of the course and every passenger will be given an chance to prove their skills.


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