Decoration Ideas for a Dress Up Theme Party


People enjoy dressing up and decorating their homes with all sorts of themed decorations. The best part about decorating is realising that you can use your furniture as a base for a decorative idea. In other words, you could incorporate the decorations in the furniture.

Dress up theme parties can take different forms. It could be a birthday party, anniversary or just a fun weekend party. It could be a superhero, fairy tale, or any other fun movie theme. Venues can be quite costly for such an event, so don’t be afraid to use the space in your house for this event.

You could make your own décor. You can print pictures of superheroes or fairy tale creatures and stick them to the mirrors or in the picture frames. Also use the same colours throughout to keep consistent with the theme. This will bring out more of the theme around your house.

Sometimes there are branches that fall from the trees in your yard. You can reuse them as décor. You could create forest impression that leads up to your home. This would be great for a fairy tale theme party that usually takes place in the woods. It also costs absolutely nothing because they fell from a tree.

Curtains and covers are the easiest ways to incorporate a theme. Find curtains that have the main colour of the theme and hang them on the windows. They will look like draping. This will enhance the theme. Plus you could use the curtains again for another event, especially if you select a plain colour. Also, use cushion covers of the same colour and place them on the lounge suites.

Fill up empty surfaces using ornaments such as superhero or fairy tale figurines. Go to a toy store and find the budget version of these decorative items. Add balloons with the main theme colour and hang ribbons to boost the theme. You could cover your lounge suite with a decorative cloth that matches the curtains. This way you bring the colour of the theme into play yet you protect the furniture.

Finally, request your guests to dress up according to the theme. Imagine how cool it will look with all your superhero friends at the party. With everyone participating in the theme, it will be more fun.

It’s all about having fun while decorating your home for a theme party. There are so many ways that you can do it. You just need to think out of the box and apply your ideas.


Source by Meghna Lalloo

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