Create a Buzz With a Unique Party Marquee Theme – Bollywood & Arabian Night Style!


As hiring party marquees becomes increasingly popular due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness and party planning extras, the only thing left to do is theme your party marquee so that it dazzles your guests and you all have a uniquely, fascinating day or evening. Whether you are getting married, hosting a charity or corporate event, birthday party or other celebration, you want your party to be memorable. Theming the party marquee is certain to plant a very unique memory in the minds of your guests.

Many marquee hire companies offer themed marquees that come complete with decorations and party props. Each party marquee hire company will have different themes that they specialise in, but you can also create your own unique themed party marquee.

Below are two marquee themes that you can create yourself.

How to turn your marquee into a Bollywood Nights party!

If you want to enjoy the glitz of a Bollywood Night the following props might be just want you need to create the glamour and sparkle that is so reminiscent of Bollywood.

  • Specialist marquee party lights for decorating the inside and outside of the party marquee will light up your event and create ambience.
  • A red carpet strip up the central isle of the party marquee will create that film star appeal.
  • Posters of Bollywood movie stars and the films that they appear in can be used to decorate the party marquees interior walls.
  • Gold, silver and red sequins are perfect for scattering on the party marquee’s table cloths to add a special touch of glamour.
  • Saris (using the vibrant colours of Bollywood, red, gold and green) can be used to create canopy ceilings and to drape over tables or other marquee fixtures. You may even want to provide a couple of saris for guests to wear.
  • For entertainment, consider hiring a Bollywood style DJ and or dance group. There are some excellent Bollywood style dance groups in the UK who provide party entertainment that will thrill your party guests. They can teach your guests some Bangra (Bollywood style) dancing!
  • On the glitzy invitation mention that guests should arrive in Bollywood themed fancy-dress.

How to turn your marquee into an Arabian Nights Party!

Not so much a red carpet as a magic carpet for your Arabian Nights themed party!

  • Transform your party marquee into an exotic Arabian Tent using richly coloured fabric, rugs, throws and cushions.
  • Create a low-level comfortable, seating area using only cushions, rugs and low-level tables for guests to relax on after the main meal.
  • Visit your local ‘Arabian night’ style bric-a-brac shop for anything that resembles a magic lamp. Also consider using coloured drinking glasses, unusual serving jugs and anything you think that might fit into this Arabian theme for serving the food. Hookah’s (water pipe) would be also be a great authentic addition. You can find these online fairly inexpensively with tobacco and lighting equipment.
  • Your menu should feature middle-eastern savouries and sweets.
  • For entertainment you could hire a belly dancer and of course ask your guests to arrive in Arabian themed costumes. Ask your belly dancer to take a fun instructional belly dancing class with your guests. This will help guests to relax and will add a very fun element to the evening.

Whatever marquee theme you settle for, enjoy your wonderful day!


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