Corporate Team-Building Event Trends For 2009


Corporate Team Building Event Planning

Team Building Events consists of several event types such as Meetings, Product Launches, Tradeshows, Conventions, and Reward & Recognition Events. Along with the various corporate event types there are key components to all event planning elements. Here are a few things to consider:

·         When establishing the team building meeting agenda for a conference, event and meeting,  planners need to use the opening general session to have leaders reinforce the objective, recognition and key messages of the program.

·         Incorporate event elements that spark and engage the Five Senses – Taste, Sight, Smell, Touch, and Sound

·         It is important to incorporate corporate entertainment into the convention agenda – – this helps break up formal presentations.

·         Try to incorporate a Trade Show or mini Exhibition Hall into your Corporate Event or Convention. This can help networking for industry professionals and current and potential sponsors to mete and network. In some cases an Expo can help provide revenue for operating for the company organizers.

·         Creating fundraising events can maximize fundraising value if incorporated an element of an annual conference or convention

·         Finally Corporate Events should incorporate a closing evening reception. By adding this event element you allow attendees a chance to network and discuss the event.

2009 will be the Year for TEAMS to GO GREEN

An Grean Team Event is an event that takes into consideration the environmental impacts of the occasion as well as the social effects and bringing associates together for a common cause at the same time.  This includes everything from transportation, marketing material, to catering and travel. Eco-friendly Events helps differentiate a company from the others. It shows your commitment to the improvement of our environment and will make your organization stand out as a leader in your industry.

In order to achieve a Green Event, events should be organized electronically, minimize carbon emissions for travelling key guest speakers, delegates and executives. The goal is to save energy, practice recycling, and adopt environmentally-thoughtful measures wherever practical and possible.

 Some of the design basics for Green Events are as follows:

“Don’t Rip it…..Click it”

Provide Online Registration for your guest instead of paper invites and RSVP’s – online registration management systems can be totally paperless, preserving our trees and minimizing paper waste. Guest, key speakers, and organizers can receive all communications electronically, from venue location, to directions and maps, to all joining instructions.

“Keep the Scene Green”

Green Decor – For Décor, use rental items to reduce waste and L.E.D. lighting will help reduce energy.  Design arrangements will be more commonly taller and grander, due to the economic challenges people tend to stray away from conforming to the obstacles faced. If a company is going to invest in an event they will ensure they get the best for the dollar. Taller arrangements set a sense of elegance and grandeur. You should also consider utilizing a florist that offers the following:

·         Fair Trade Flowers

·         Organic and Edible Blooms from Eco-conscious Growers

·         Recycled containers

·         Incorporating elements such as fruit and herbs to your centerpieces (Organic Botanicals)

Green Corporate Transportation – With today’s Automotive Companies taking a conscious approach to preserving our environment and producing a large number of fuel efficient Hybrid vehicles, there is a large number of luxury hybrid vehicles available for all corporate events.

Corporate Team Gift Bags – The key to a successful Corporate Team Building Event is creating a lasting impression of your company’s brand and  associates, and what better way to achieve that but through offering corporate giveaways with your company’s brand logo. There are many promotional Eco-friendly gifts that will incorporate a company’s logo and still maintain the quality of a non-eco friendly item. These promotional items are made of recycled, bio-degradable, and/or energy efficient products.

Here are some examples:

·         Bamboo USB Drive

·         Solar Powered Garden Lights – These lights include a place for a company logo to be imprinted

·         Recycled Tote Bag

·         Water Power Desk Clock – No batteries required. The user just fills up the holding tank with a small amount of water

·         Note pad and pen made of recycled paper

·         Pen Caddy – A desk item that is not only eco friendly but stylish. It is made of bamboo with a zebra stripe design. The company made a whole line of coordinating desk accessories

·         Bamboo T-Shirt – This is just a sample of the apparel available out of bamboo. Company logos can be done with tradition silk screening or embroidery.


Source by Cynthia M.

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