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When you first visit an insurance comparison site, you will be asked to fill a form regarding the type of event you want insurance for. Depending on the type of the event, more information will be made available to you. The type of event you may be organizing could be one of the following:

  1. Wedding Insurance
  2. Sport Event Insurance
  3. Street Parties
  4. Bar or Bat Mitzvahs
  5. Parties and Celebrations, including Birthday parties
  6. Fireworks Event
  7. Exhibitions
  8. Meetings and Conferences
  9. One-off events
  10. single event or multiple event

If your event does not fall into one of these kind of events, you can ask for a bespoke policy or a bespoke quote. Comparison Based on Cover Other important factors for comparing event insurance are the different types of covers that you wish to take or eschew. The different covers include

  • Vendor Insurance, including in case a vendor pulls out or goes out of business
  • Event postponement, delay or relocation insurance; this is the most used cover and the most basic type of insurance for events
  • Liability insurance, in case a guest gets injured or harmed during the course of the event
  • Equipment Insurance, is the insurance that you take to mitigate risk arising out of malfunctioning equipment

Different policies will have different types of charges for these different covers, so you should first check the type of cover you want, and then compare the policies. If you are not under liability to provide compensation to the guests in case some injury occurs, you should forego taking liability insurance – which means you should be avoiding the policies which give you liability insurance. Knowing your own requirements is half the battle when you are comparing event insurance, after which all you have to do is find the most suitable policy from among the ones that are available to you.


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