Bratz Birthday Party Ideas


The Bratz are well known for their "Passion for Fashion". They have taken over from Barbie as the favorite doll for the newer generation of girls.

If you have a daughter who loves the Bratz, then you may need to think about planning for the possible Bratz themed birthday party. Thankfully, using some supplies and these party ideas will help you plan a great birthday party.

Design Bratz Clothing

With some simple fabrics, already cut into the right sizes, you can let the girls design their own Bratz clothing. They can accessorize the clothing, add what they think will work great and put it together in a cool way. This will help the girls work together and it will be a lot of fun as they try out different looks to see how much they have a passion for fashion.

Passion for Fashion Contest

Once the girls are through designing the clothes for their dolls, it's time to have a passion for fashion contest. To make this contest fun and entertaining, it is best to have many different categories so every girl can have a chance to win a prize. For example, there can be a category for the shiniest clothing and another one for most colorful. No matter what the clothing looks like, make sure the girls feel good about their designs by praising each one.

Watch the Movie

A movie about the Bratz, but in live-action form, was released recently and it would be a good bet to rent the movie for the kids and help them see the Bratz characters that they love on the television screen. It will also give you the opportunity to work on some things for the birthday, including putting out the presents and setting up the food and cake.

The Bratz is a very popular doll franchise that just seems to be getting bigger. It is the Barbie of the 21st century, and they are already outselling Barbie across the world, so it seems they are here to stay.

If your kids want a Bratz themed birthday party, then don't stress, you can put one together for them with just some quick thoughts about the franchise, some imagination and party supplies.


Source by Crystal Mclain

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