Branded Mineral Water

Display your company Brand. Promote a new product or Service.
Enhance your customer experience.

Six Items to Include on the Label of Your Promotional Bottled Water
Logo or photo
Phone number
Web address
Contact email
Motto or slogan

Churches, Schools and NGO`s can sell their own branded water to generate extra income.
Six Ways to Use Your Branded Promotional Bottled Water
Reception Area Amenity
A good impression is usually made within a few seconds of a client entering your office. To make your customers feel welcome and comfortable keep your own branded bottled water on hand. Make sure your receptionist offers everyone a bottle before they’re seated.
Charity Runs/Walks
A relevant way to get your name out at local charity runs and walks is promotional bottled water with your logo and information.  Your company can hand out the bottles for thirsty participants at various hydration stations or at the end of the run/walk. It’s a great way to get your name out in the community.
Have you ever walked the hard cement floor of a trade show and felt thirsty and in need of something to drink? Capture your potential customers interest with a promotional bottle of water in your booth and hold their attention a little longer while they linger and enjoy the drink. This trade show booth draws customers in with the sign, “Grab a Water.”
Company Meetings
Board meetings, team building, status updates, problem solving, all call for amenities to make the attendees more comfortable. Bottled water with your company logo sitting on the conference table is sure to give a good impression to clients and employees alike.
Community Events
Get your name known in your local community and be remembered after events like parades, picnics, and craft fairs are over by handing out promotional bottled water branded with your company logo. An information booth stocked with your branded bottled water will get citizens’ attention and promote brand awareness, especially if you’re a local retailer or service provider.
When sponsoring local , High School sports, or clubs a great handout for the participants and attendees is custom bottled water. Along with your business information include the team mascot and even their photo. It’s a great way to show your interest and get the word out about your business and show your community support.


We offer two options
1:Print directly onto the bottles
2: Label printing
Sizes: 330ml, 500ml,1lt
One of the most powerful ways to brand a company is through the lasting impressions you make with your own private
branded water label
Branded water is a great way to get your message across to your audience and to share those special moments.