Beach Themed Kids Party


Beach themed kids party is great because there are so many fun things to do on a beach. If the beach is on a coast facing the sea or the ocean, the activities will be different from those on a lake or pond. The rate of success of these parties is high because kids love to play on the beach.

Treasure Hunts are a lot of fun especially when they take place on a beach. If you have your own private beach or a lightly occupied pond or lake area, it will be easier to keep track of the children. If it’s held on a public one, more caution must be taken. It will be advantages for parents to devise a game in which the children are given different maps and they need to dig where X marks the spot. If the beach themed party is held at home, place sand boxes around to create a look and feel of authenticity when it comes to the treasure hunt.

Beach Bingo is also a great game for kids to play. It can be purchased commercially or more interestingly produced by the host family. Like regular Bingo, different items are called out and they will correspond to the same images on the Bingo play card. The first child to win will get a prize. Instead of using the name BINGO, homemade game can use the term BEACH instead and explain to the players that the rules of the game is the same like BINGO. To make the game more authentic, use the word C Sunscreen instead of G Sunscreen. Request some parents or have some adults around to help children understand how to play the game.

For beach themed party in the sun, it may be helpful to include a sunscreen-covering contest. This ensures that the kids are protected from the harmful UV rays and provides fun to the kids as well. By rewarding the kids with gifts, they will be motivated to apply the sunscreen adequately, so that they will be not be sun burnt.

Swim contests can also be arranged. Sometimes it is helpful to have more than one game going at once. That way if guests do not want to take part in a particular game can do so in another. However a big word of CAUTION must be taken at all times. Besides getting permission from other parents or even getting other parents to take part and help at the games, the safety of all kids can never be over emphasized. But with proper planning and safety precautions taken, a frolicking beach themed kid’s party is one that kids will find it hard to forget.


Source by Kate Slinger

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