Beach Table Decor


Throwing a Beach themed party and want to set a terrific table that reflects the beach? No problem – there are so many ways to incorporate the theme into your table setting!

Tableware: At the beach one typically uses plastic or acrylic plates and utensils (or paper). These come in array of bright colors and are not that expensive (and go on sale around late summer). Purchase color coordinated napkins too. You can also put a colorful linen or plastic table cloth on the tables.

Beach themed candles or tea lights at each place setting: This not only helps to set a beautiful table, but some candles and tea lights come in beach-themed holders and also serve as take home party favors.

Beach themed picture frames or place cards at each place setting: There are a wide variety of picture frames and place card holders that come in the shape of Adirondack chairs, flip-flops, shell, pineapples, and sail boats. These also serve as take home party favors.

Beach themed coasters at each place setting: Once again these can not only serve as party favors, but also help to set a fun and beautiful table. Many such coasters also enable you to be a photo in them.


  • A plastic pail filled with a shovel, suntan lotion, small beach toys, flip-flops, etc. Send the centerpiece(s) home with a lucky guest(s).
  • A beach hat with a pair of fun, inexpensive sun glasses next to them.
  • A whole pineapple actually makes a very nice centerpiece and it screams ‘tropics’.
  • Several candles grouped together. Preferably candles that have a beach theme to them.

You can also spread an assortment of sea shells on the outside of the centerpiece to add to the décor.

By the way, don’t forget about the music to help set the scene. Of course music from ‘The Beach Boys’ is perfect for any beach party. Or do some online research to find songs that have the word ‘beach’ in them or a beach theme and make your own tape or CD (“Cruel Summer”, “Heat Wave”, “Island Girl”, “Margaritaville”, “All Summer Long”, “Soak Up The Some” just to name a few”).

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Source by Deb Rosenberg

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