Angel Themed Bachelorette Party – Heavenly Tips for a Fantastic Night


A bachelorette party is tons of fun! You are out with your friends celebrating your last night as a single girl. No matter how rowdy you get, you will still have a great time especially if you dress up. A fun idea for your party is to have an Angel theme. Here are a few tips on how to have a blast at your bachelorette party!

First things first, you need to get your costumes. When you send out your angel themed invitations, make sure to let your guests know how they should dress. Angel costumes are easy to find online as there are a variety of selections to choose from. You could go with a traditional angel costume, but you may spice things up a bit by getting a sexy angel or a fallen angel costume. The latter two options will have you looking sassy on your big night. One option is to have your friends dress as sexy angels in white, while you, the bachelorette, dress as a sexy fallen angel in red or black. This way you will get attention when you and your girls go out that night. Whichever style you choose, the perfect angel costume is just a click away!

You and your angels will definitely need some accessories to complete your outfits. Make sure you are decked out in feather boas, wings, and a halo. Mix it up a little and add a purse shaped like a harp! Other options include long white costume gloves, fishnet tights, and silver or white heels. You may also want to wear some body glitter so you are sparkling all night long.

Before you go out, have everyone meet at someone’s house for pre-party drinks and snacks. Have your drinks colored white, black, or red to stay on theme. Keep your snacks light. Have chips and dip or a meat and cheese tray, and for dessert have angel food cake. Decorate the space with white and gold streamers and balloons for a heavenly look. When you go out, have your friends make a checklist of silly things for you to do. See how naughty angels can really get!


Source by Tonja Thompson

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