Advice on Mardi Gras Ball Dresses


We all know that Mardi Gras is a very interesting and festive holiday that happens before Lent. Now Mardi Gras has come, many countries or cities are holding this big holiday by kinds of activities, such as Venice and New Orleans. Here I just want to talk about some rules of Mardi Gras dresses. If you want to attend this kind of one annual ball and you must need a ball dress. Some people are not disturbing by wearing a wonderful ball dress and know exactly what to look for. Others may not know exactly what they should wear on this big festival holiday. So here are four items for those who are eager to know some guide lines on this holiday.

First, the most important thing you should remember is that Mardi Gras balls have a totally different dress rules than regular parties or cocktail parties and so on. These traditional balls are very elegant and slap-up and you should wear a formal dress that can move freely on the dance floor.

Second, men may have no trouble in finding a black suit with tie or tuxedo. However, women may be concerned about what exactly they should wear to the ball. As we all know traditional Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold and most people chose to wear these colors for the ball, while not every ball is as strict as this. Other women may choose a simple black dress and this is also perfectly nice and acceptable. In a word, whatever color you choose is up to you, but it should match your skin and body and it should make you look great.

Third, you should wear a dress that fits your personality and your body shape. If you know exactly what you are looking for or have an idea in mind before searching for a dress, this will make your find a perfect ball dress much easier. If you are not sure about your style, you can ask your best friends or your family members for advice.

Last, you should also pay more attention to the length of the dress, it is also very important. You’d better wear a formal long elegant prom dress- it is the best choice to choose. Those dresses which are very short may be not acceptable and appropriate to wear on this ball. You can also ask someone for advice who has attended this kind of ball before instead of wearing a bad dress on this occasion. Mardi Gras is about fun and celebration so do not overly stress on finding the perfect dress. Just enjoying yourself in this big holiday and showing your best sides.


Source by Susie Liu

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