A Scandalous Hollywood Party Theme


Your guests will love coming over for a scandalous Hollywood party this year. Since Hollywood is the home of scandal and drama you should have no trouble at all coming up with great ideas for this party theme. To get things rolling think about turning this Hollywood party into are mystery. You can create a clever game for the guests to take part in through out the party with a starlet’s murder, lots of clues and a prize for the person who solves the crime. This mystery game can be very easy to put together.

As each of your guests arrives at the party you can give them a pseudonym and turn them into players. Some guests will be cops, some directors, some actors and some agents; it’s entirely up to you concerning ratio and assignment. Then give each of these actors a card with a clue on it. The guests will have to mingle with each other in order to compare clues and make connections. The players can make alliances to combine clues or work alone trading a peek at their clue for someone else’s. Make yourself the Chief of Police and tell your guests that the first person to come to you with the name, motive and or method of murder correct is the winner.

To add to the party, create a mini scene of the crime by marking out a crude body outline on the floor with masking tape. You can also put up yellow warning tape in place of police tape. Hang some metallic streamers from the ceiling and put up wall hangings of stars. Paper supplies are an easy way to feed lots of people without a lot of clean up and there are plenty of Hollywood and Oscar themed kits with paper plates, napkins and tablecloths in them.


Source by Gail Leino

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