A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep


Arranging a birthday party of your children is not a simple task. It needs so much of creativity to be indulged. Party involves many things than just simply arranging the balloons or decorating the room where the party is to be celebrated. No one can ever find a better place for celebrating a birthday party than their house. Even children find the place comfortable and parents feel children can be controlled easily at home. Involving your kids in the preparation of their birthday party should start from involving them in planning itself. They should feel that they have a real part in the birthday planning.

Surprises are a lot of fun for your kids, but making them get involved in the birthday preparations gives them a lot more fun than that surprise. This helps them learn various things and teaches them how to be helpful. Now here are the few things where you can involve your kids.

Let them plan:

Children have the ability to do a lot of things, but all they need is your guidance and support. Involve them in creating invitation cards in the computer, blowing the balloons, decorating the room and everything else. Ask about their opinion or thoughts while deciding the location of the party. Involve them in every decision you make, let them express themselves and their ideas. Planning also includes on the time length of the party which needs to be decided based on the number of the activities to be conducted at the party.

Let them decorate the location:

Let the creativity in your children come outside, let them involved in the preparations of the birthday party. Be with them while they do all these things and support them when they need anything. Let them arrange the balloons, decorate the stage and the location. This helps your guests easily trace the location of the party.

Let them decide the menu:

Food is the major part of the party. Let your children pick up the items for the menu of the birthday party. Or at least consider their ideas, thoughts and consider them while finalizing the menu. Include items like chocolates, ice creams and other such items which are the kids favourite things.

Plan activities with them:

Children are very good at planning activities as they have a lot of game ideas which they usually play. So take their ideas into consideration and plan the activities to engage the guests during the party.

Involving your kids in the financial planning of the party will let them understand about the value of money. Letting your children do all these things will allow them to feel good and keep engaged in some kind of work. This also helps in building a better bond between you and your kids.


Source by Achal Mehrotra

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