A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep


Well… we all are aware of fancy birthday decors for kids these days with an array of fancy, chic, colourful decor items, other attractive stuff for kids but we often forget the very fact that there are multifarious activities, decisions and responsibilities that can enmesh a kid’s active participation in planning his / her own birthday party. A kid whose special day is being celebrated gains all salience and centrality and hence, his / her active participation, turning up for decision making, making other choices is really important. Besides deciding the cake design or flavour the kid must be allowed to decide upon the invitees list, the main menu and a favourable choice for the venue too in terms of the ambience.

Involving the kid to enhance the periphery of imagination:

To extend the boundary of imagination and the periphery of creativity, the kids must be involved in preparations for the return gifts, small packets gifted to the invited kids… this helps the kid to make his own decision and reflects his choice too. After all, birthdays are more than just a cluster of fancy pink or blue balloons, beyond glittery decorations and is definitely more than a pompous party thrown by the kid’s parents; its more about the kid’s satisfaction after the party, celebration on this occasion in accordance with the birthday boy or girl’s own choice is rather more important here than anything else.

Reflection of the kid’s creativity:

Well… when it comes to involving the kid in birthday decor preparations, this revolves around multiple facets of the child’s choice, his / her psyche. Planning a birthday party is more of a responsibility to the parents but is all about fun and glee to a kid and hence, the child’s imagination, desire ought to be mirrored on decor and the planning.

Decision making and feeling the responsibility is important:

Starting from the guest list the child should always be freely asked about the friends and acquaintances to be invited and whom do he / she want around on the occasion of birthday. Then comes the buying and packing of return gifts, deciding upon the menu of the day and so on and so forth. Hitting the brownie points and coming out of the cocoon, instead of harping on the same strings; one must make the child think about any costume or theme liked by him / her for the anticipated special day. giving off the party bags on his own, distributing the return gifts on his own, distributing cakes or chocolates on his own, thinking of events and games and so on and so forth makes the child feel responsible enough and an important decision maker; a potent part rather special part of the party gaining all salience and centrality. In fact, sometimes the possibilities, potential hindrances of a plan being made, the budget, the pros and cons of a planning can also be discussed involving the child hence, the idea of relevance and reality can somewhat be indoctrinated. Hence, the child being the protagonist of a birthday party must be involved into the decor prep in these ways.


Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

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