A 75th Birthday Party on a Budget


No one can argue that celebrating a 1st, 21st, or 40th birthday is a good thing, but a 75th birthday is definitely a milestone birthday worthy of a festive celebration. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average American lives about 77 years. The 75th birthday can be a time of reflection on a life well lived. Arranging a celebration for someone turning 75 is a good time to get as many relative as you can together. So, how do you celebrate a 75th birthday? With class and style, of course. Don’t allow those words to scare you off from creating the party. This celebration does not have to cost a lot of money. Concentrating on what is most important in the party can help to make the 75th birthday party a memorial and economical occasion.

Instead of spending lots of money on decorations, an elegant restaurant set aside for the celebration is recommended. The venue doesn’t have to be expensive, just have the air of class. The restaurant should also provide an area for private parties. Minimal decorations are all that is necessary. Elegant tablecloths and candles, and a sign announcing the 75th birthday are examples of inexpensive decorations for this celebration. These decorations can also be handmade to cut down on costs.

Turning 75 is often a time of reflection on life. The heart of celebrating a 75th birthday should include a salute to special memories in the person’s life. The young are great presenters of such ceremonies. If there are a significant number of children in the family, they could narrate the trip down memory lane and offer the 75th birthday person a memory book at the end of the presentation. Key people in the family can also take turns to recite poems or to present special gifts. The celebration could be tipped off with a nice 75th birthday dinner that includes toasting the person’s life.


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