90th Birthday Party – Top 6 Questions To Ask When Planning A Celebration For Someone Turning Ninety


A 90th birthday is a very important milestone. If you’re planning a party to celebrate this event, you’ll want to make sure all the details are just right. Find the answers to these six simple questions and you’ll be on your way to making it a truly happy occasion.

Questions To Ask the Guest of Honor

1. Who should be invited? The most important part of a 90th birthday party are the friends, family, neighbors, former classmates and coworkers who will share this special celebration with him. This should be a reunion of the people who have blessed his life. Let him compile the guest list. That way you won’t miss anyone significant to him.

2. What’s your favorite music? Whether the party is a big bash or a small gathering, you’ll need background music to help create a festive atmosphere. But before you assume his choice would be the big band sounds from his youth, ask him. He might surprise you and say he prefers soft rock, ballads or country. Let the sounds of celebration reflect his style.

3. What should be on the menu? Salmon almondine might sound good to you, but he may not like it. Also, you have to consider his dietary restrictions. If he’s supposed to stay away from sugar or anything with a high fat content, you should make sure you avoid those items. Although everyone at the party will be partaking of the food, your main focus should be on what he likes and can eat. Go over a list of possible items with him and let him select his favorites. You can design the meal using that information.

4. What kind of party would you enjoy? Some ninety year olds may prefer a quiet, intimate event. Others might like a large celebration with dancing, games and entertainment. The quiet person would feel overwhelmed by the noisy bash. The lively celebrant might be bored at the toned down get together. Let him give you guidelines of what he thinks would be fun and what would be too much. Also find out if he would prefer a casual or formal affair. This way you can plan festivities that fit the guest of honor’s preferences.

Questions To Ask Your Guests

5. What are your favorite memories of the guest of honor? Ask each person to write them down and send them to you to include in a scrapbook you’re assembling. Or you could encourage them to take turns sharing them at the party. They could do this as a tribute in front of the celebrant and other guests. Or another option would be to take video of individuals telling their stories. A DVD of those comments could be presented at the end of the party.

You could also ask your future guests to name some things that they admire and love about the birthday boy or girl. Try to build a list of 90 things from all the responses (give each person credit for their answer). You could present this in book form as a gift from everyone at the party.

6. Do you have photos of the birthday boy or girl? Photographs are such an important part of a 90th birthday celebration. You can use them for invitations, centerpieces, decorations, party favors, thank you cards and in a keepsake scrapbook. Old snapshots evoke wonderful memories and focus attention on the celebrant. So ask everyone on your guest list to send you copies of photos by mail, email, posting them on Facebook or any other imaginable way. Use them liberally in all aspects of this occasion.

Listen to your guest of honor’s responses to learn the most important information in planning his 90th birthday party. He’ll give you an idea who to invite, what music to play, food to serve and type of celebration he prefers. Then ask your guests to supply the memories in words and photographs. All you have to do is add a few of your own personal touches, and all the pieces will come together to make this an event to remember.


Source by Linda Kling

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