70th Birthday Party Theme


If you will play host for a 70th birthday party for your mom, dad, mother- or father-in-law, thinking of a theme should not be so hard. Easier said than done? Not really. Hosting a milestone birthday celebration is as easy as hosting any other birthday celebrations: all you need to do is to focus on the things necessary for a birthday party to make the celebration special.

What theme should I use?

Coming up with a party theme should start by taking into consideration the birthday celebrant. You can use a theme based on the celebrant’s favorite leisure activity. Does he/she love outdoor, picnic or camping? You can also base the theme of the party from the decade in which the birthday boy or girl grew up. Use his/her personality to decide which theme to use. Will he/she go for luxury or does he/she prefer simplicity? Does he/she prefer a small gathering with family or selected friends? Does he/she enjoy a celebration with few guests or does he/she love to invite lots of people? Such questions must be answered in order to determine the type of theme to use and the approach to take.

Decoration of the party venue should be based on the theme you have chosen. To make your work easier, hire the services of party planners. They take care of everything you need to set up the best theme you want.

What special activities should I prepare?

Activities for the party should be in line with the theme. The typical games and other fun activities can be included as well. Since it is a milestone celebration, a trip to memory lane can capture the whole essence of the party. You can prepare a video that tells the life of the birthday boy/girl from his/her childhood up to the present. Display his collections of memorabilia for guest to see. Speeches can also be given for the celebrant. Ask some of his closest friends to say something on stage. If it is a large event, you can hire a big band or a quartet that plays the music he/she loves.

Planning is the key if you want the birthday party to be successful. Use the tips given above to come up with the best theme fit for the celebrant.


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