50th Birthday Ideas – How to Successfully Pull Off a Surprise 50th Birthday Party


It does not have to be difficult to pull off a successful surprise 50th birthday party. You just have to know your guest of honor and carefully think through all the steps.  Here is a great road map for you to follow that will help you have a surprise birthday party that works every time.

There are actually two different types of surprise birthday parties. One is easier to make happen than the other and they both can be lots of fun and exciting for the birthday person. The easier of the two involves actually telling the birthday person that you are putting together a party, but you surprise them by having special guests show up that they thought would not be coming. The other type of surprise party is where you have a big bash that the birthday person never saw coming.

To pull off a successful surprise 50th birthday party it takes careful planning and forethought. You must decide first what type of surprise party you are going to have.

If you choose the party where surprise guests attend it is best to involve the birthday person in the actual planning. Have them work with you on the theme, venue, menu, and decorations and most important the guest list. A good idea is to even make a special invitation for the people that the birthday guest knows cannot possible show up. Maybe they live out of state or too far away. Say in the car how you know they wish they could be here but you understand why they won’t be attending.  Make sure the birthday person sees these invitations.

Of course, you will be calling these long distance guests and helping them with secretive arrangements to show up. The birthday person will not know about these phone calls. When the guests do show up at the party, it will be a great unexpected surprise for the birthday person.

To throw the more traditional surprise part takes a little more work but it is possible to pull off. Often the best idea is to have the party a few days or even weekend before their actual birth date. That way you will be sure to catch the birthday person completely off guard.

A very important suggestion that will help in pulling off a successful surprise 50th birthday party is to call and speak to all of the attendees. Don’t rely on a written invitation, sometimes these do not get read. If you take the time to call all the possible guests and talk with them live about your plans for the surprise that will ensure they will know what you need them to do.   

Make sure the guests RSVP in a way that the birthday person will never, even by accident, stumble across their confirmation. Go on to the Internet and get a new email address just for RSVP confirmations to be sent to.  You can also use this new email address for any special instructions you need to get to your guests. You can easily and for free get a quick email account with Yahoo or Gmail.  After the event you can close up the special email account.

Follow these ideas and they will be a big help to you in throwing the perfect surprise 50th birthday party.


Source by Mark S Myers

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