5 Unique Ideas For Planning a 50th Birthday Party


Nifty, nifty, somebody’s fifty. A wonderful celebration is in order for someone reaching a half-century milestone. There are some wonderful creative ideas you can incorporate into your 50th birthday party planning. Here are five simple and unique ideas that will make this memorable event something special.

1. A Trip Down Memory Lane

A trip down memory lane is a wonderful idea to incorporate into a 50th birthday party celebration. Rent a display screen and create a looped photograph show. Start with baby pictures, then progress through the years to the present day. It is really fun to turn out the lights and view the display.

2. A Treasured Keepsake

When you send out your invitations, include a “scrapbook” page with instructions for each guest. Ask them to decorate their scrapbook page as they see fit. They can jot down a short story of a fond memory they have of the guest of honor. They might opt to include photos of a special moment they shared with the guest. Have a decorated binder or cover to hold all of the pages. You can present this as a gift on the night of the party. The recipient will treasure it for many years to come.

3. Decorate the Decade

The guest of honor probably has a fond memory of a specific decade. This usually revolves around the time they were a teenager in high school. If their nostalgic decade is from the 60’s for example, you might base your party around a 60’s theme. You can decorate in a 60’s motif and play music from that era. You might even ask guests to dress to reflect that time.

4. Guest Contributions

Include a questionnaire with each invitation asking questions about the guest of honor. The questions might be along this line:

* The funniest memory you have of John/Jane was when:
* The thing I love most about John/Jane is:
* What are four words that describe John/Jane best:
* The memory I have of John/Jane that stands out the most is when:

Ask the guests to submit these questionnaires a day or two before the party. Go through them and select the comments you think the guest of honor will enjoy most. You can include these pages in the scrapbook, too, and they will provide years of treasured enjoyment. Be sure to read all of them before placing in the scrapbook; you never know
what some people might write.

5. An Unexpected Guest

Find someone from the guest of honor’s past he/she would never expect to see at the party. This could be an old classmate, a teacher from school, a military buddy, etc. You might have to ask around to get ideas from folks on the guest list. Arrange for the mystery guest to attend the party, but make sure to keep it a surprise.

These are just a few ideas you can use to plan this truly important event in the guest of honor’s life. You want to do your 50th birthday party planning right, and some of the tips above will continue to bring happiness and enjoyment to the lucky recipient for many years to come.


Source by Darlene Wade

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