4 Lunar Ideas For New Moon Twilight Party Favors


One of the most anticipated movies this year will be the sequel to the Twilight Movie, New Moon. The movie is the second film adaptation of the popular Twilight Novel series. In New Moon Bella and Edward face a new test in their romance as Edward leaves Bella in an attempt to protect her from the dangers of his world. The result is that Bella goes through a dark depression that eventually drives her to her childhood friend Jacob Black. However, she is soon to find out that Jacob has a supernatural secret of his own. With this highly anticipated movie coming out this November many fans will be having themed costume parties for Halloween or simply having release parties for the night New Moon comes out. Whatever party a fan is planning a great idea is to give out Twilight party favors. These will not only be cute accents to the party planning but will also give TwiHards some great collectible items. Here are some great ideas that you can use for your own event.

With winter approaching, cold weather will definitely come and be causing chapped lips everywhere. Help out your female guests and give them a fun looking favor with Twilight lip balm. These tins of high quality lip balm come in with pictures of popular characters from Twilight and New Moon on them. If any of your friends are on team Jacob they will love the tins with the tougher looking Jacob on them. These are great because your friends can immediately use them and they can also be paired with any other favors you come up with in gift bags.

Another great item is Twilight candy jars. Since its October a natural favor to give guests at your party is candy. However it can be troublesome to make packages or bags to hold them. Why not give them favor containers that are so good that they are also favors? Like the other items I mentioned they have pictures of the actors from the Twilight and New Moon movies in character. There are even some new ones such as a shirtless Edward in Italy about to expose the vampire world. These items are sure to go so fast you will wish that you got extras.

Edible favors are a great idea to complement the range guest gifts that you will be handing out at your event. Make sure that they match either the vampire or werewolf theme. For example you can give out baked treats like Doggie Kibble trail mix or red velvet mini cupcakes. You can also give interesting items such as edible fake blood. You can also take a page from the book and Movie and try out some Italian sweets and chocolates to match up with your theme. Edible favors will help to put a “sweet” point on your festivities.

Candles are also a great idea. Give out votive candles that have moon themes or Twilight themed votive candles that have pictures from New Moon. You can also pick out some that have Tulip motifs since this is the key image on the cover of the novel version of New Moon. These are great because candles fit in with the Halloween mood and are just simply popular favors at the moment. You will end up giving guests items that they will definitely enjoy.


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