0rganising a Team Building Event Featuring Clay Pigeon Shooting


Shooting activities have been in existence since sometime. Although the practice is banned in many nations due to strict environment rules, the sport is still widely practiced with suitable alterations. One of the alterations that have been commonly employed is instead of live targets; objects made from clay are employed. They are ejected into the skies at high speeds and the shooter has to strike them. Clay pigeon shooting also falls in the same bracket. However, the activity has been recently crafted into a team building activity. So what is this new deal with team building? We shall look into it in the next paragraph.

Team building in simpler terms is nothing but boosting the morale of a team by actively involving them in sporting events that require collective efforts to succeed. Imagine a chore has been assigned to you and you are finding it difficult to accomplish. Nevertheless, the same chore can be done easily with the help of a few team members. So in order to promote a mutual feeling of cooperation team building activities are induced regularly among the team members in regular intervals. Team building and clay pigeon shooting are entirely different concepts we shall be looking into how they are mutually related in the following passage.

It has already been established that clay pigeon shooting involves shooting, a sport that is largely unfamiliar to an average human being. Therefore, when the shooter finds it tough, he will always resort to the help of the fellow team members and all of them work in unison to tackle the problem. This is how two extremely different concepts are interrelated. Clay pigeon shooting is no easy feat, you will have to possess a good eye sight, coupled with a good response time in order to excel in this field.

Back when the sport was initially, devised air guns were employed. However, these days special guns have been developed for the purpose. The construction of the clay pigeon model is also varied depending on the skill set possessed by the shooter. Some clay models are known to break on minor grazing of the bullet, while some require more than three direct shots to break the model. With the advancement of technology, some of the organizers have developed a laser gun, which makes the whole paradigm much easier. However, it is expensive hence are not favored by the public. Besides, it is fun operating a gun that fires bullets than, a laser gun about which you will be having no idea of what is happening.

Protective gears are always provided to the team members, so that in the event of a misfiring, they do not experience trauma. Effective instructors will be present who will be monitoring the entire activity and will be pointing out various tips that must be kept in minds while shooting the mobile models. The team members can also devise various strategies for effectively shooting down the clay pigeon models. All of it boils down to teamwork as well as team spirit.


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